Meet Autoservis Toni

Quality first.

About us

Auto Toni is founded 20 years ago. We are working as a complete vehicle service shop from the very beginning, 1994. to be exact. Company was founded by Mato Delinger, the only person in this region who has all three of car master exams (mechanic, painting and bodywork). What really sets as apart of our competition is that, alon with regular car service work, we are specialized in classic cars restoration.

Citroen DS
Dedicated team
We all very well know that nothing is possible without talented and hardworking people. Same goes for our results. Nothing would be possible without our team of talented people, which now counts more than dozen members. Currently, in our team, we have three mechanics, three painters, two tinsmiths and three people in charge of administrative and marketing jobs. As always, we are hoping to expand our team and strengthen our position on international market.
Citroen DS

Our work

New cars & young-classics
From the very beginning of our company the emphasis was on completeness of our service - in other words, we wanted to be able to do everything a client could ask us for, regardless if car is new or classic car which needs restoration. During past years, we have worked on many interesting projects and unique vehicles (both new, luxurious cars and young-classics).
Alfra Romeo Giulia Quadrafoglio
Mazda MX-5
Saab Cabrio
Classic cars
In the past few years we switched our focus mostly towards classic cars and we absolutely fall in love with them. As every classics lover, we have had many Citroen classic cars, especially DS and CX models (which we had more than dozen in just a few years). Apart from Citroen classics, we worked on some really special projects, VW Beetle Convertible, MGB, BMW 326 (1937), BMW 2000cs etc, just to name a few. Lately, we entered international market where we established our brand thanks to our high quality standards which are our trademark since the very beginning.